• Initial release


  • Plan generation now takes into account when a meal was last used
  • Meal plan generation can now be paused in case of vacations or other life events
  • Added a yearly subscription option
  • General settings screen cleanup
  • Added unsaved edit warnings when leaving certain screens
  • New family management screen
  • Added first-time usage tips throughout
  • General bug-fixes and UI enhancements


  • Account creation is now opt-in and no longer required for non-subscribers
  • Ingredients can now be assigned measurement units
  • Meals now support ingredient quantities in the default unit for that ingredient, or a meal-specific unit
  • The grocery list now indicates total quantity and unit where applicable
  • Tags can now be assigned custom colors
  • Various bug fixes and user experience enhancements


  • iPad support– Carte can now be used on iPads as the perfect kitchen companion
  • Dark mode, including support for iOS 13 system-wide dark mode
  • Support for full recipe information including prep time and cooking times
  • Meal preparation and cooking instructions
  • Meal images– you can now customize meals with corresponding pictures
  • Discover– browse and save over 300,000 meals from across the web
  • Import meals from any webpage containing a recipe
  • Grocery list classification grouping for discovered meals
  • New 7-day Free Trial lets new users get a taste of Core features!
  • Packed full of usability and feature improvements


  • Fixed an issue preventing grocery quantities from displaying
  • Fixed large meal name text truncation
  • Fixed search bar return key behavior


  • Fixed a bug preventing new meal plans from generating
  • Fixed a bug preventing meal plans from updating when changing the week start day to the current day
  • Fixed plan date adjustments when updating the week start day


  • Stability and performance improvements


  • Fixes an issue preventing would-be users from seeing the App Store when linking to Carte without having it installed
  • Fixes an issue that caused meal imports to hang when accuracy is in question
  • Various visual fixes


  • Adds the ability to undo the last grocery list action
  • Fixes a bug causing users to get stuck in a false sign-in state