Carte Meal Plans

Effortless, personalized meal plans

Carte Easy Meal Plans

Effortless, personalized meal plans

Carte Makes Your Life Easier

Features That Make a Difference

Smart Meal Plans

Automatic, fully customized, and flexible weekly meal plan generation

Automatic, customized, and flexible

Carte’s meal plans are tailored specifically to your needs, not prescribed based on somebody else’s preferences

Recipe Curation

Build your own collection of meals, their ingredients, and cooking instructions

Your recipes

Build Carte’s meal selection from the ground up with your personal recipes

Meal Tagging

Create custom tags for meals based on size, dietary restrictions, region, etc...

Detailed organization

Tags allow you to organize meals and create fine-grained customization of your weekly meal plan with Smart Plan’s tag inclusion and exclusion

Kitchen Companion

Easy-to-follow cooking instruction layout for the perfect kitchen companion

Recipes at your fingertips

Carte’s easy-to-follow, detailed recipe format is always available when you need it

One-Stop Shopping

Rich, customizable shopping lists built from your plan


Keep all your shopping in one place– add any additional grocery or shopping items to the list that Carte creates for you each week

Plan History

Review and compare past meal plans with plan history


Didn’t finish all your meals for a week or need to remember when you last had something? Carte makes it easy by keeping track of past plans

Premium Features


Browse and save over 300,000 meals from across the web


Find real recipes from across the internet to meet your needs and desires


Import meals from any webpage containing a recipe

Find a recipe?

With Carte’s easy import, you can import recipes from any website URL

Sync & Share

Access data from any device and share with family

don't miss anything

Backup data, access from anywhere, and create or join a family to share meals and lists


Beautiful, functional, easy to use

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Samuel Coe

Samuel Coe is a husband, father, creator, and software engineer. He’s passionate about creating, learning, design, and optimization of anything and everything. When he isn’t building the web, he’s working on building iOS apps as an indie developer, coming up with new ideas, or exploring the beautiful Montana outdoors with his family.